SERVICES » Inspection&Periodical Control

    Technical inspection is a service which is controlled, approved and reported by third party that a product has been obtained and/or works according to requirements.

   As for periodical controls, they are the services of compulsory controls that are to be carried out at intervals assigned within the “Occupational Safety and Health Regulations” for; boilers, compressors, cranes, forklifts and other similar machinery and equipment. 

   As GENSIS, we provide technical inspection and periodical control services on behalf of “Authorised Inspection Bodies”, with our expert technical specialists at all stages of product and equipment purchase, production, packaging, shipment, management and maintenance.


Purchase Inspections:

   Equipment producer pre-qualification surveillance, manufacturing, function tests of purchased equipment and shipment surveillance, etc.


Worksite Inspections:

   Surveillance of superstructure construction, mechanical and electrical assembling, welded manufacture activities during worksite applications.


Exportation Inspections:

   Providing certificates and accordance to conditions and standards laid out by the country of export, before shipment.


Loading and Unloading Inspections:

   Surveillances during the loading of purchased equipment before shipment and during the unloading after shipment.



   Establishing production meetings, programme or critical path networks, engineering tracing, tracking and controlling the processes of tests, production, subcontractors, documents’ admission acceptance/approval.


Periodical Controls:

   Carrying out periodical controls according to the “Occupational Safety and Health Regulations” for lifting equipment (lifts, cranes etc.) and pressurised equipment.