SERVICES » Lift Engineering

   With our SMM authorisation certificate holding engineers, we satisfy the needs of generated lift project designing together with our consultancies devoted to the lift sector. Our service is consisted of taking measurements, making calculations, project designing and preparing technical files for electrical and hydraulic lifts, and alongside these stages we provide the opportunity to our customers to receive correct service, on time and at low costs.

   The Lift Project Designing Service consists of the following stages.

Preliminary Examination and Preliminary Project Designing:

   It is the preliminary examination service that is to be carried out at the worksite the customer will offer at, along with the service of determining the main features of the lift that is planned to be built, and preparation of the lift’s well placement plan.

Necessary measurements and information is obtained by visiting the worksite where the lift will be placed, together with the CUSTOMER and then the placement plan will be prepared by GENSIS according to these collected pieces of information.

Taking Measurements:

   The customer must fill out the Electric Lift Measurement Form (F.008) for “electric lifts” and the Hydraulic Lift Measurement Form (F.009) for “hydraulic lifts” designed by GENSIS.

   If requested, measurements can be taken by GENSIS on behalf of the customer. A building license belonging to the building in which the lift will be projected must be provided by the customer within the appendix of each Lift Measurement Form.

Lift Design:

   GENSIS will design and project the lift according to the measurements given by the CUSTOMER or taken by GENSIS itself and will prepare the resistance calculations. The design pictures and resistance calculations must be prepared in the form of three copies each in accordance to the TS EN 81-1/2 standards.

 Preparation of the Technical File:

   In the event of the CUSTOMER’S request for the “Technical File” of the relevant lift, the security equipment used in the lift and the characteristics of the machine-motor (Brand-name, Type and Serial numbers, etc.) will be filled into the relevant fields of the Lift Measurement Forms and by this means given to GENSIS.

   For “Technical Files” requested for more than one lift within the worksite, a “List of Lift Security Guards (F.017)” must be filled out by the CUSTOMER and given to GENSIS.

   The Technical Files are prepared in the form of 1 printout (hardcopy) and 1 CD and submitted to the CUSTOMER.

Lift Final Control:

   If requested, the final controls of the fully assembled lifts can be carried out by GENSIS. The final controls are reported and submitted to the CUSTOMER within 48 hours.